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Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions about your particular industry an/or business will of course be provided upon request. Please CONTACT US with the details. Meanwhile, indicatve answers to the most frequently asked questions are noted below:

Where can we meet to discuss our requirements?
Unless the circumstances are exceptional, there is rarely any need to meet, other than on-line. It is highly likely that we have worked in your market segement previously so have little or no need for extensive briefing, other than about your specific issues.
How do we provide you with technical or other material ?
We will help with the creation and/or reformatting of your material to make it easy to send it to us by email. If this is not feasible due to large file sizes, we will show you how to resize it OR how to burn it to a flash drive or CD for mailing.
Can our existing website and domain be used to host new content?
Yes,we will develop the content to suit your existing site, unless we advise you that it contradicts your business positioning, message, or is at odds with your value propositions. Resolving this will be by discussion at the early stages of any project.
How can we "proof-read" anything you prepare without it becoming public ?
We have several sub-domains of our own into which we load work in progress. This means that clients may view everything before agreeing to have it uploaded to their own server.
What if we just want new content and will add it to a website ourselves?
That is fine with us. We will develop it with whatever constraints apply
Earlier you referred to the creation and/or manipulation of images, tables etc. What is the process for that ?
Depending on feasibility, we may generate photographs., tables etc ourselves but most of the time, we can "talk" a client through what sources to supply, including photographs. (See "providing material" above.
On what basis do you charge?
Everything we do is based on hourly rates and these vary depending on the complexity of the category.
When we receive your brief, we will provde an estimate the likely time to complete the project. This will include any research time we think might be needed. An appropriate allowance will also be made for revisions.There will be "NO surprises" so you will be kept informed if the project evolves beyond the original brief.
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