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Methods: How we work

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The actual process of matching content to the interests and mindset of customers can range from the simplistic to the academically complex. A search of the web will provide numerous examples of virtually every posssible approach from "top end-of-town" consulting involving teams of MBAs through to "cheap and cheerful" possibly offshore solutions that may not comply with many fundamental communication principles.

e believe that to provoke a positive response it is fundamentally important to understand the perspective of the audience, far more than how the marketer/seller usually perceives it. This facilitates communication, not just of the features and benefits but in a style that resonates in an appropriate way. This is where we apply psychology, broad marketing experience and proven technique, honed across many industrial and consumer categories:

Writing skills

Content is more than just words. The way those words are used as communication elements is as important as the words themselves. The context and tone must resonate appropriately.and create empathy. Achieving this is one of our core skills.

Tthe most comprehensive example of our work is the Graeme Cooper Automotive website. We write all of the webpage copy. the technical articles and the Blog. The articles and Blog play an important role in communicating technical aspects, difficult-to-descrbe elements, especially when presenting "how to" information, or case histories.

Our broad business experience allows us to create content with a minimum of input from the client and where our work resonates effectively with each target market..For example, see http://www.steelnstuff.com.au/ where our experience with Lysaght, Iplex, Sika and other major industrial suppliers forms the basis for effective communication in appropriate terms. (See the experience diagram on the home page).

For consumer products the same principles apply, but with very different copywriting styles. See for example http://www.abercrombieriverburls.com.au/index.htm


Ilustrations are critical important components of the content. They should support the text and vice versa. We routinely review and modify pictures provided by the client or if feasible, produce our own pictures, as represented below. Charts and diagrams may ilustrate key points. We help to create and/or select the elements that will work most effectively.

The following are original photographs featuring products, production facilities, "before and after" illustrations and "mood" images

Original photography
Above - Abercrombie River Burls
Below - Industrial products
building productsfencing products
steel fabricationcrash repairs
Original photography of production processes

commercial fitout timber detailing
Original photography - Interiors

ambiance picturemood picture
Original photography - on-site "Mood" shots

Voice and music

The use of voice and music "enhancements" should be considered with great care. Get it right and it may help to create empathy but if Inappropriate, these elements may be annoying or off-putting. We provide relevant solutions if considered appropriate.

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