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Content examples

Everything we write conforms to information management principles of accuracy, relevance, interest and tone. (See the "methods" page). All of these elements are designed to match the characteristics and needs of the specific target market.

Articles (please click the link) that address these issues include:

Article- The science and art of content development (This article is actually on the main ASPAC website)

Article - show me the reason why

Article - Object libraries and how to use them

Article - Information structures

Article - Words and phrases to avoid

We routinely write articles for professional publications. This is one such example:Traditional Sales Techniques in an online world . Our content for client websites includes the following:

Commercial fit-outs: http://www.competi.com.au/ is targeted to building owners, architects and project managers.

Consumer products : http://www.abercrombieriverburls.com.au/index.htm is positioned to communicate with lovers of hand made timber products, collectors and galleries. Note the bird-song as background on the home page.

High-end audio equipment: http://development3.aspac-consulting.com.au/ contains both technical and consumer-related information for the audiophile.

Sailmaking: http://development2.aspac-consulting.com.au/ offers captivating (professional) images as well as practical information about many aspects of sailmaking..

Automotive: http://www.graemecooper.com.au/blog/ illustrates how we extend the reach of the website and articles with regular Blog entries. These are less technical than the full articles and are directed mainly at the general motoring public (Land Rover in particular).

https://graemecooper.com.au/articles.htm lists all of the technical and maintenance articles we have written for this client. All articles are written by us, but checked and approved by the technical personnel at GCA prior to publication. See https://graemecooper.com.au/articles/bugs_in_the_fuel.htm as one example.


The methods page shows examples of our photography as used in various websites that we have created. Only low-resolution photographs are required for this purpose so for some other applications like print production, we may outsource the photographic work to a professional studio.

Advertising & promotion

Blogs and newsletters form important components of our work and our broad category experience allows us to write effecive copy with a minimum of client input (though naturally everything is pre-approved by the client before publication)

As another example, for several years we effectively worked as the marketing department for the LI-LO brand. We wrote, produced and directed TV advertisements, pack copy and promotional events like the "Bondi world record challenge..

LI-LO promotion

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